105U-1,2,3,4 Wireless I/O

Key Features:

The ELPRO multi-I/O products are two-way communication devices which transmit signal values by radio (specifying the value and I/O output channel) to a receiving module. The receiving module then decodes the message, generating/re-creating the value at the specified I/O channel outputs..

• 148–174 MHz, 220–235 MHz, 360–512 MHz, 869.525 MHz and 869.875 MHz frequency, and 10 mW to 5W RF power options
• Link I/O inputs to single or multiple I/O outputs (peer to peer)
• Reliable point–to–multi-point two-way communications combining exception reporting, self-checking, and data encryption
• Multiple I/O channels for monitoring and controlling field devices with set point, pulse count and rate available. Additional internal I/O points provided for health monitoring
• Communication failure notification and diagnostics, including radio path measurement, communications logging, verification of I/O values
•Low voltage AC/DC/battery power options, UPS battery charger and solar regulator
•User-friendly configuration software

Product Details

Transmitter and Receiver


148–174 MHz

220–235 MHz

360–512 MHz

869.525 MHz

869.875 MHz

Transmit power

148–174 MHz, 0.1–5W

220–235 MHz, 0.1–5W

360–512 MHz, 10 mW to 5W

869.525 MHz, 500 mW

869.875 MHz, 5 mW


Frequency modulation (FM)


Digital frequency shift key (DFSK)

Receiver sensitivity 148–512 MHz: –114 dBm

869.525 MHz, 869.875 MHz: –106 dBm

Channel spacing

148–512 MHz: 12.5 kHz

869.525 MHz, 869.875 MHz: 250 kHz

Data rate

400 MHz: 3.6 kbps

869.525 MHz, 869.875 MHz: 19.2 kbps, forward error correction

Range (LoS)

400 MHz: 10 mW EIRP to 1.2 miles (2 km), 500 mW EIRP to 6.2 miles (10 km)

5W EIRP to 34 miles (55 km)

869.525 MHz: 6.2 miles (10 km) 500 mW

869.875 MHz: 0.6 miles (1 km) 5 mW

Antenna connector

148–512 MHz: BNC female coaxial

869.525, 869.875 MHz: SMA female coaxial internal gas discharger arrestor protection

Serial Port

RS-232 9-pin DB-9 female connector

RS-485 Terminal connector, serial expansion only, cable to 3937′ (1200m)

Data rate (Bps)


Serial settings 7/8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit

Protocols and Configuration

System address

Configurable system address

Protocols supported

ELPRO WIBnet™ auto acknowledgement up to four retries,CRC error checking


64-bit encryption on radio and serial

LED Indication and Diagnostics

LED indication Power/OK, I/O status, OK/module OK, TX, RX

Reported diagnostics

RSSI, comms logging, I/O status

Power Supply

Nominal supply

12–24 Vac/15–30 Vdc, over-voltage/reverse power protected

Average current draw

At 12 Vdc: 85 mA

+10 mA per active digital input

+25 mA per active digital output

+2 per analog I/O loop (mA)

Transmit current draw

450 mA @ 13.8 Vdc (0.5W)

600 mA @ 13.8 Vdc (1W)

800 mA @ 13.8 Vdc (2W)

1.25A @ 13.8 Vdc (5W)

Battery supply

11.5–15.0 Vdc (battery supply volts internal I/O value)

Battery charging circuit

1.2–12 AHr battery: max. charge current 0.7A @ >12V

Solar regulator

Direct connection solar panel (to 30W)/solar battery 100 Ah

Loop supply Internal DC/DC converter: 24 Vdc/150 mA current limited

Input and Output

Digital input

Voltage-free/NPN, wetting current 0.5 mA

Surge protected (non-isolated)

105U-1: 4

105U-2: 4

105U-3: 0

105U-4: 4–16 inputs

Digital output

105U-1: 4 relay contacts. AC 50V: 5A/DC 30V: 2A

105U-2: 1 FET output 30 Vdc/500 mA

105U-3: 8 FET output 30 Vdc/500 mA

105U-4: 4–16 FET outputs c

Analog input

Floating differential inputs, common mode, voltage 27V

24 Vdc for external loops provided, digital filtering 1 second

105U-1: 2 current, 4–20 mA, 15-bit resolution, accuracy 0.1% , over range indication 2–25 mA

105U-2: 6 current, 0–20 mA, 12-bit resolution, accuracy 0.1% ,Over range indication 0–25 mA

Analog output

Current sink to common, max. loop voltage 27V, max. loop resistance 1000 ohms

105U-1: 2 current, 4–20 mA, 15-bit resolution, accuracy 0.1%, over range indication 0.5–25 mA

Pulse input

As per the digital input specifications, max. pulse rate 1000 Hz, pulse width min 5 ms

105U-1: 1 pulse input, terminated at DI 1

105U-2: 4 pulse inputs, terminated at DI 1–4

105U-2: first DI/PI max. 1000 Hz, pulse width min 0.5 ms;2, 3, 4 DI/PI max. 100 Hz, pulse width 5 ms

105U-4: 4 pulse inputs, terminated at DI 1–4

105U-4: first digital inputs/pulse inputs max. 1000 Hz, pulse width min 0.5 ms; 2, 3, 4 DI/PI max. 100 Hz, pulse width 5 ms

Pulse output

As per FET digital outputs specifications

FET DO/PO 30 Vdc/500 mA, max. pulse rate 100 Hz

105U-1: 1 pulse output

105U-3: 4 pulse outputs, terminated at DO 1–4

105U-4: 4 pulse outputs, terminated at DO 1–4


EMC CE, FCC Part 15, AS3548, EN 301 489

RF (radio) EN 300 220, EN 300 113, FCC Part 90, RSS 119, AS4295,


Safety EN 60950


Temperature rating

148–512 MHz: –22 to +140°F (–30 to +60°C)

869 MHz: –40 to +140°F (–40 to +60°C)

Humidity rating

0–99% RH noncondensing