105U-G Range Wireless Gateway

Key Features:

ELPRO wireless gateways is designed to provide interface and communication between industrial data bus devices and field devices via RS-232/RS-485/RJ-45, register-allocated data bus values are transmitted and received by radio. In addition ELPRO 105U-G series products can multi-hop repeat up to four times, it is considered and ideal solution in creating powerful I/O and data bus networks as it support a variety of industrial protocols.

• 150/220/400/869 MHz, 5 mW–5W, 3.6–19.2 kbps radio communications to 35 miles (55 km) with multi-hop repeating
• Able to connect to similar and dissimilar industrial protocols and vendor devices: master/slave, slave/slave, master/master networks
•Flexible and secure networking, point to multipoint communications with forward error correction (FEC), data integrity check (CRC) and data encryption
•Eight configurable digital onboard I/O with I/O expansion via the ELPRO 115S series products
•AC/DC/battery power options with UPS battery charger
• Module diagnostics including read/write of register I/O, reporting of received signal strength indication (RSSI), communications logging and internal measurement of low/normal and battery supply voltages

Product Details

Transmitter and Receiver
148–174 MHz
200–235 MHz
360–512 MHz
869.525 MHz
869.875 MHz

Transmit power 
148–174 MHz, 0.1–5W
220–235 MHz, 0.1–5W
360–512 MHz, 10 mW–5W
869.525 MHz, 500 mW
869.875 MHz, 5 mW

Frequency modulation (FM)

Digital frequency shift key (DFSK)

Receiver sensitivity 
148–512 MHz: –114 dBm
869.525 MHz, 869.875 MHz: –106 dBm

Channel spacing 
148–512 MHz: 12.5 kHz
869.525 MHz, 869.875 MHz: 250 kHz

Data rate
  400 MHz: 3.6 kbps
869.525 MHz, 869.875 MHz: 19.2 kbps, forward-error correction

Range (LoS)
150/220/400 MHz: 10 mW EIRP to 1.2 miles (2 km), 500 mW
EIRP to 6.2 miles (10 km), 5W EIRP to 34 miles (55 km)
869.525 MHz: 3.1 miles (5 km) 500 mW
869.875 MHz: 0.6 miles (1 km) 5 mW

Antenna connector
148–512 MHz: BNC female coaxial
869.525, 869.875 MHz: SMA female coaxial internal gas discharger arrestor protection


Discrete I/O 
8 input voltage-free/NPN, wetting current 0.5 mA; 8 output FET 30 Vdc/500 mA

Ethernet Port

Ethernet port 
10/100Base-T; RJ45 connector (IEEE 802.3)

Link activity 
Link, 100Base-T via LED

Serial settings 
7/8 data bits; no parity, 1 stop bit

Serial Port

9-pin DB9 female connector

2-pin terminal block, non-isolated to 4000′ (1200 m)

Data rate (bps) 
300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400

Serial settings 
7/8 data bits; stop/start/parity (configurable)

Protocols and Configuration

System address 
Configurable system address

Protocols supported

Modbus RTU (master/slave), DF1 up to 4300 I/O points: analog and/or discrete
Modbus, RS-232/RS-485, 300–38400 bps
DF1 (full duplex), RS-232, 300–38400 bps

EtherNet/IP (Level 2 I/O server)
Modbus/TCP (Class 0, 1, partially Class 2 slave)
TCP/IP functions; embedded web system (dynamic HTTP); onboard file system for downloadable web pages via FTP server; email (SMTP) 2048 bytes input/2048 bytes output; up to 4300
DIO or 1024 AI/1024 AO; 10/100 Mbps, RJ-45 connector

Profibus DP slave to EN 50170 standard; 416 I/O bytes (up to 1952 DI/1952 DO or 122 AI/122 AO)
RS-485 optically isolated with onboard DC/DC converter, automatic baud rate detection: 9600 bps–12 Mbps

Profibus DP master to EN 50170 standard; 2048 bytes input/2048 bytes output (up to 4300 DIO or 1024 AI/1024 AO)
RS-485 optically isolated with onboard DC/DC converter, automatic baud rate detection: 9600 bps–12 Mbps

DeviceNet slave
512 bytes input/512 bytes output (up to 4300 DIO or 256 AI/256 AO)
16-bit register size; up to 500 remote addresses
RS-422 optically isolated (selectable 125/250/500 kbps baud rate)

Modbus plus slave
Global database transactions: routing up to six networks
2048 bytes input/2048 bytes output; up to 4300 DIO or 1024 AI/1024 AO
RS-485 optically isolated; standard baud rate of 1 Mbps

 64-bit encryption on radio and serial

LED Indicators and Diagnostics

LED indication 
Active, OK, serial TX and RX, radio TX and RX, I/O LED status 

Reported diagnostics 
RSSI, communications logging, I/O status, battery voltage

Power Supply

Nominal supply 
12–24 Vac/15–30 Vdc: over-voltage/reverse power protected

Average current draw
105U-G-MD1: 150 mA @ 12V; 90 mA @ 24V; add 5 mA per I/O
105U-G-ET1/PR1/PR2/DE1/M+1: 270 mA @ 12V; 170 mA @ 24V; add 5 mA per I/O

Transmit current draw
450 mA @ 13.8 Vdc (0.5W)
600 mA @ 13.8 Vdc (1W)
800 mA @ 13.8 Vdc (2W)
1.25A @ 13.8 Vdc (5W)

Battery supply
 11.5–15.0 Vdc (battery supply volts, internal I/O value)

Battery charging circuit
 Suitable for 12 Vdc sealed lead acid batteries, max. charge current 2.0A (5W), 0.9A (500 mW)

 EMC CE, FCC Part 15, AS3548, EN 301 489
RF (radio) EN 300 220, EN 300 113, FCC Part 90, RSS-119, AS4295,
Hazardous area UL Class I, Division 2
Safety EN 60950

Temperature rating 
 105U-G-MD1, 150/220/400 MHz: –22 to +140°F (–30 to +60°C)
105U-G-MD1, 869 MHz: –40 to +140°F (–40 to +60°C)
105U-G-ET1/PR1/PR2/DE1/M+1: –32 to +140°F (0 to +60°C)

Humidity rating 
105U-G-MD1: RH noncondensing 0–99%
105U-G-ET1/PR1/PR2/DE1/M+1: RH noncondensing 0–95%