455U-D Wireless Serial Modem

Key Features:

455U-D Wireless Serial Modem 

Eaton’s ELPRO multiple-mode wireless serial modems allow transparent communications between RS-232 and/or RS-485 serial host devices.

• Licensed/license-free radio channels, suitable for most countries (60, 150, 220, 360–512 MHz, up to 5W RF power option availability)
• Wireless data rates up to 19.2 kbps
• Separate RS-232 and RS-485 ports
• Diagnostics and configuration via independent RS-232 port
• Remote configuration via wireless channel
• 128-bit AES security encryption
• Configurable, high-redundancy design well suited for repeater networking
• Wireless diagnostics via network management system
• Protocol-optimized modes for greater efficiency

Product Details

Transmitter and Receiver

 Direct frequency shift keying (DFSK), 4-level FSK 

Transmit power  
 58–72 MHz, 100 mW–5W
148–174 MHz, 100 mW–5W
220–235 MHz, 100 mW–5W
360–512 MHz, 100 mW–5W

Receiver sensitivity 
–114 dBm @ 2.4 kbps (3% BER)

Data rate 19.2 kbps 
(25 kHz channel), 9.6 kbps (12.5 kHz)

Range (LoS)  
34 miles (55 km) @ 5W (single hop with repeater options) b

Antenna connector 
SMA female 


Digital input 
1 voltage-free

Digital output 
1 (FET 30 Vdc, 500 mA)

Serial Port

DB-9 female DCE; RTS/CTS/DTR/DCD (hardware signals  provided)

2-pin terminal block, max. distance 4000′ (1.2 km),  non-isolated 

Data rate 600 
bps to 115.2 kbps, 7 or 8 data bits, stop/start/parity bits  configurable

Protocols and Configuration

Protocols supported Modbus 

User configuration 
Dedicated serial port and remote configuration

System address 
System, 16-bit value (0–65535)
Group address, 7-bit value (0–127)

Configurable parameters 
parameters Broadcast mode, addressed mode, optimum path routing
mode, RF baud rate, serial baud rate

128-bit AES data encryption

LED Indication and Diagnostics

LED indicators 
Power OK, RX, TX, link, RS-232, RS-485, DIO

Reported diagnostics 
RSSI/background noise (dBm), bit error ratio (BER), duty  cycle, temperature, supply voltage 

Network management 
Optional network management system


Temperature rating 
–22 to +140°F (–30 to +60°C )

Humidity rating 
0–99% RH noncondensing


EMC CE, EN 301 489, FCC Part 15
RF (Radio) FCC Part 90, EN 300 220, EN 300 113, RSS-119,
AS/NZS 4295
Safety IEC 60950

Power Supply

Nominal supply  11–30 Vdc, under/over voltage protection 
Quiescent current Normal 110 mA @ 13.5 Vdc
Power saving mode  40 mA @ 13.5 Vdc
Transmit current  450 mA (<0.5W), 800 mA (1W), 1.25A (2W), 2A (5W)
Battery charger  Floating charge voltage to 13.8 Vdc, current limit set to 1.6A  with minimum supply voltage 17V