Anybus Gateway

Key Features:

Anybus industrial communication gateways

With more than 200 different products aimed at connecting almost any possible combination of industrial networks. The product family offers Master/Scanner functionality for Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP and AS-Interface and includes Slave/Adapter functionality to16 other networks.

• Simple way for the transparent transfer of I/O data between two networks
• Interconnects different PLC systems (Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Beckhoff, etc)
• Supports over 200 different network combinations ( master, scanner, slave, adapter, I/O device, server )
• Max 512 bytes of Input and 512 bytes of Output data
• Additional parameter data supported ( Depending on network combination )
• Configuration via USB using the included Anybus Configuration Manager – No programming required!
• IT functions such as dynamic Web server, supporting downloadable customer specific web pages
• Remote monitoring and diagnostic features for most Ethernet versions via an integrated Web server
• Optional control status information added to I/O data for diagnostic purposes
• Fast I/O data transfer with average transit times between the two networks of: 10 – 15 ms
• Included Anybus  OPC server with OPC Data Access v1.0, 2.05, 3.0. with some Ethernet versions
• Free included Anybus  NetTool Master Config Tool when using a Profibus or DeviceNet Master/Scanner
• UL File number: E214107. Standard: UL508 Ind Cont. Eq
• 3 year product guarantee from date of shipment

Product Details


UL  File number: E2214107 UL is pending
CE  2004/108/EC

Electrical Characteristics

Power  24 VDC +/- 20 % 
Current consumption  Max 400mA at 24VDC, Typical 200 mA at 24VDC

Hardware Characteristics 

Reverse voltage protection  Yes 
Short circuit protection  Yes 

Environmental Characteristics 

Operating temp  -25 to 65 oC, -13 to 149 oF (for all other networks)
-25 to 50 oC, -13 to 122 oF (only for Profinet IRT Fibre Optic)
Storage temp  -40 to 85 oC, -40 to 185 oF
Relative Humidity  5-95 % non-condensing 
Installation altitude  Up to 2 000 m

Immunity and Emission for Industrial Environment

Electrostatic discharge  +/- 4 kV
Electromagnetic RF fields  10 V/m 80 MHz – 1 GHz
3 V/m 1,4 GHz – 2,0 GHz
1 V/m 2,0 GHz – 2,7 GHz
Fast Transients  +/- 1 kV
Surge protection  +/- 1 kV
RF conducted interference  10 V/rms
Emission (at 3 m)  50 dB 30 MHz – 230 MHz
57 dB 30 MHz – 1 GHz