Fast Ethernet Micro Switch 6 Port

Key Features:

A micro switch supporting fast Ethernet on all its ports designed To meet the requirement for additional network ports in FTTO applications as it has one additional twisted pair port over the 5 port model.
This Fast Ethernet Micro Switch has an integrated 230 VAC power supply and an integrated network management system which supports all management standards from the web browser over Telnet up to the SNMP.
• 6 Port Switch, 5×10/100Base-TX, 1x100Base-FX
• Cost efficient copper/fiber integration
• Vertical/horizontal version
• Fast, tool-free mounting by snap-in installation
• Integrated management with several configuration and monitoring features
• VLANs, data prioritisation (QoS)
• Port based VLANs (traffic segmentation)
• Integrated power supply with 100 – 230 VAC input

Product Details


Type Fast Ethernet Switch Layer 2+, IEEE 802.3 compliant
Performance Store-and-forward, Full wire-speed, non-blocking on all ports
MAC-Adresses 2,048 addresses, automatic learning and aging
VLANs Tagging IEEE 802.3ac
Priorisation IEEE 802.1p
VLAN IDs 0..4095
Static and dynamic VLAN table
Quality of Service 4 hardware-queues per port prioritisation according to:
– IPv4/IPv6
– VLAN priority IEEE 802.1p
– port
queue weighting strict or weighted, configurable

Local Ports (Twisted-Pair)

Number of Ports 4
Type Fast Ethernet, dual speed 10/100Base-TX
Connector RJ-45 jack, shielded
Cable Type Twisted-Pair cable, category 5e, impedance 100 Ohm, length max. 100 m
Flow Control Pause frames (IEEE 802.3x), configurable
Pinout Auto MDI/MDI-X, auto polarity

Uplink (Fixed Optical Transceiver)

Number of Ports 1
Type Fast Ethernet
Multimode: 100Base-FX
Single Mode: 100Base-FX
Connector SC or ST duplex
Fiber Cable Type Multimode: 50 or 62.5/125 µm fiber
Single Mode: 9/125 µm fiber
Distance Multimode: 550 m
Single Mode: 10 km, 20 km (optional)
actual distance may depend on fiber performance
Output Optical Power Multimode 1300nm:-19 dBm
Single Mode 1300nm 15 km:-15 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity Multimode 1300nm:-31 dBM
Single Mode 1300nm 15 km:-31 dB
Flow Control Pause frames (IEEE 802.3x), configurable

Downlink (Twisted-Pair)

Number of Ports 1
Type Fast Ethernet, triple speed 10/100Base-TX
Connector RJ-45 Buchse, geschirmt
Cable Type Twisted-Pair Kabel, Kategorie 5e, Impedanz 100 Ohm, Länge max. 100 m
Flow Control Pause Frames (IEEE 802.3x), konfigurierbar
Pinout Auto MDI/MDI-X, Auto Polarity


Link Local ports 1 to 4:
blinking: activity
green: authorized/forwarding
orange: blocked
red: unauthorized
Status Switch Status (S)
green: device ready
Link status uplink (5)
blinking: activity
green: authorized/forwarding
orange: blocked
red: unauthorized
Link status downlink (6)
blinking: activity
green: authorized/forwarding
orange: blocked
red: unauthorized

Control Panel

Reset Button Reset of device, last saved configuration is reloaded
Config Button Pressed separately: Request IP-configuration for management agent.
Pressed together with reset-button: Reset to factory default settings, can be disabled

Power Supply (AC)

Input Voltage 195..265 V AC (230 V AC typ.)
50..60 Hz (50 Hz typ.)
Power Consumption Typ. 4 W
Connector 3 pin screw clamp, PE/N/
Ground Terminal (PE) 6.3 mm flat-pin plug


Operating Temperature 0..40 °C
Storage Temperature -20..85 °C
Relative Humidity 10..90%, non condensing


Dimensions 90 mm x 45 mm x 57 mm (l x d x h, without connectors )
Mounting depth 33 mm
Weight 200g
Housing Color Standard color: pure white (alternative colors on request)

Standards Compliance

CE Mark 2004/108/EC (EMC)
2006/95/EG (Low Voltage)
Safety EN 60950-1:2006
Electromagnetic Emission EN 55022:2006
Electromagnetic Immunity EN 55024:1998
IEEE (Ethernet) 802.3i 10Base-T
802.3u 100Base-T
802.3x Flow Control
802.3ac VLAN Tagging
802.1D Spanning Tree
802.1Q Tagged VLANs
802.1p Packet Prioritisation
802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
802.1X Network Access Control
– RFC 791 (IPv4)
– RFC 826 (ARP)
– RFC 792 (ICMP)
– RFC 2131 (DHCP)
– RFC 2474/3260 (IPv4 DiffServ/IPv6 Traffic Class)
– RFC 4541 (IGMP)

– RFC 1769 (SNTP)
– RFC 1155/1156/1157 (SNMPv1)
– RFC 1901/1905/1906 (SNMPv2)
– RFC 3411/3412/3584 (SNMPv3)
– RFC 2574/3414 (USM)
– RFC 2575/3415 (VACM)
– RFC 2865 (RADIUS)
– RFC 2866 (Accounting)
– RFC 2868 (Tunnel Attributes)
– RFC 5424 (Syslog)


MTBF 100,000 h
Method Calculated, MIL-HDBK-217F

Additional Features

Software - Port Monitor
– CDP v1, v2
– Port based VLANs
(traffic segmentation)