Gigabit Ethernet Micro Switch 5 Port PoE

Key Features:

A 5 port Gigabit Ethernet switch with a 4x 10/100/1000T, 1000BaseX Uplink and an internal power supply designed to support all management standards from Telnet to SNMP and web browser, In addition it also supports PoE.

• full Gigabit performance on all ports
• 4x 10/100/1000Base-T ports with PoE, 1x 1000Base-SX/LX uplink
• Integrated management agent, SNMP/web-bases/Telnet/Device Manager
• Port-Security (Authentication according to BSI, IEEE 802.1x, etc.)
• Power-over-Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3af on all 4 TP ports
• VLAN and data prioritisation (QoS)
• Fast and tool-less installation due to snap-in design

Product Details


Type Gigabit Ethernet Switch Layer 2+, IEEE 802.3 compliant
Performance Store-and-forward, Full wire-speed, non-blocking on all ports
MAC-Adresses 8,192 addresses, automatic learning and aging
Jumbo Frames max. 10,240 bytes
VLANs Tagging IEEE 802.3ac
Priorisation IEEE 802.1p
VLAN IDs 0..4095
Static and dynamic VLAN table
Quality of Service 4 hardware-queues per port prioritisation according to:
* IPv4/IPv6
* VLAN priority IEEE 802.1p
* port
queue weighting strict or weighted, configurable
Management CLI: telnet
Web: http
Microsens NMP-Software

Local Ports (Twisted-Pair)

Number of Ports 4
Type Gigabit Ethernet, triple speed 10/100/1000Base-T
Connector RJ-45 jack, shielded
Cable Type Twisted-Pair cable, category 5e, impedance 100 Ohm, length max. 100 m
Flow Control Pause frames (IEEE 802.3x), configurable
Pinout Auto MDI/MDI-X, auto polarity
Power-over-Ethernet Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) IEEE 802.3af class 0, max. 15.4 W, forced-mode (legacy-devices), pinout wires 1/2 (+), 3/6 (-)

Uplink (Pluggable Transceiver)

Number of Ports 1 (only MS450869PM-48 & MS450879PM-48)
Type Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, 100/1000Base-X
Connector SFP-Slot
Flow Control Pause frames (IEEE 802.3x), configurable

Uplink (Fixed Optical Transceiver)

Number of Ports 1
Type Gigabit Ethernet
Multimode: 1000Base-SX
Single Mode: 1000Base-LX
Connector SC or ST duplex
Fiber Cable Type Multimode: 50 or 62.5/125 µm fiber
Single Mode: 9/125 µm fiber
Distance Multimode: 550 m
Single Mode: 10 km, 20 km (optional)
actual distance may depend on fiber performance
Output Optical Power Multimode 850nm:
-9,5..-4 dBm
Single Mode 1310nm 10 km:
-9,5..-3 dBm
Single Mode 1310nm 20 km:
-9,5..+3 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity Multimode 850nm:
-18 dBm (max. 0 dBm)
Single Mode 1310nm 10 km:
-20 dBm (max. -3 dBm)
Single Mode 1310nm 20 km:
-23 dBm (max. -3 dBm)
Flow Control Pause frames (IEEE 802.3x), configurable


Power Local ports 1 to 4:
green: PoE sourcing
orange: PoE standby
red: PoE error
Link Local ports 1 to 4:
blinking: activity
green: authorized/forwarding
orange: blocked
red: unauthorized
Status Switch Status (S)
green: device ready
Link status uplink (5)
blinking: activity
green: authorized/forwarding
orange: blocked
red: unauthorized

Control Panel

Reset Button Reset of device, last saved configuration is reloaded
Config Button Pressed separately: Request IP-configuration for management agent.
Pressed together with reset-button: Reset to factory default settings, can be disabled

Power Supply (DC)

Input Voltage 44..57 VDC (48 VDC typ.)
Power Consumption Typ. 6.5 W (device only), max. 65 W (incl. PoE)
Connector 3 pin screw clamp, PE/-/+
Ground Terminal (PE) 6.3 mm flat-pin plug


Operating Temperature 0..40 °C
Storage Temperature -20..85 °C
Relative Humidity 10..90%, non condensing


Dimensions 90 mm x 45 mm x 58 mm (l x w x d, without connectors)
Mounting depth 32,6 mm
Weight 310 g
Housing Color Standard color: pure white (alternative colors on request)

Standards Compliance

CE Mark 2004/108/EC (EMC)
2006/95/EG (Low Voltage)
Safety EN 60950-1:2006
Electromagnetic Emission EN 55022:2006
Electromagnetic Immunity EN 55024:1998
IEEE (Ethernet) 802.3i 10Base-T
802.3u 100Base-T
802.3z 1000Base-X
802.3ab 1000Base-T
802.3x Flow Control
802.3ac VLAN Tagging
802.3af PoE
802.1D Spanning Tree
802.1Q Tagged VLANs
802.1p Packet Prioritisation
802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
802.1X Network Access Control
- RFC 791 (IPv4)
– RFC 826 (ARP)
– RFC 792 (ICMP)
– RFC 2131 (DHCP)
– RFC 2474/3260 (IPv4 DiffServ/IPv6 Traffic Class)
– RFC 4541 (IGMP)
– RFC 1769 (SNTP)
– RFC 1155/1156/1157 (SNMPv1)
– RFC 1901/1905/1906 (SNMPv2)
– RFC 3411/3412/3584 (SNMPv3)
– RFC 2574/3414 (USM)
– RFC 2575/3415 (VACM)
– RFC 2865 (RADIUS)
– RFC 2866 (Accounting)
– RFC 2868 (Tunnel Attributes)
– RFC 5424 (Syslog)


MTBF 100,000 h
Method Calculated, MIL-HDBK-217F

Additional Features

Software - Port Monitor
– CDP v1, v2