JetCon 1900

Key Features:

The JetCon 1900 Optical Bypass Switch is an ideal solution for optical-node failure in a daisy-chain or other ring network infrastructures. In the traditional optical network topology, the optical path breaks that may cause the node system crash or node power-down. With relay bypass, node is instead simply bypassed in the event of a failure, and the rest of the network is unaffected. The JetCon 1900 Optical Bypass Switch prevents and save the communication from the dangerous of node-crash. It is commonly used in some of major optical network, like as railway communication system, factory automation, power substation where node failure is not allowed.

• Rescue Optical Communication Crisis from Node-Down
• Supports 1310nm, 1550nm optical wavelength communication
• Ethernet Fiber, Telecom Fiber Communication
• Single-mode optical fiber cable
• Smart Node Recovery Time Delay
• Multi-Event Alarm Output
• Watch-Dog Embedded
• Isolated Redundant Power System
• Higher Level EMS Protection
• Heavy Industrial EMC
• Compliance with EN50121-4 EMC, NEMA TS2 Environment
• Railway Road Side , Substation, Intelligent Traffic Control

Product Details


Optical Wavelength Either 1310nm (1260nm~1360nm) or 1550nm (1510nm~1610nm)
Optical Fiber Cable Single Mode fiber, 8/125um or 9/125um


Optical Switching time 5ms (Typical), 10ms (Maximum)
Insertion Loss Bypass insertion loss: 1.3~1.6dB (Max)
Straight insertion loss: 1.3~1.6dB (Max)
Restoration Time Delay 0~360 Seconds. Controlled by Rotary switch and DIP-switch “+180”
Watchdog Hardware based Watchdog timer with 10 seconds down counter
Alarm Output Alarm DIP-switch off (default): monitor power event
Alarm DIP-switch on: monitor power and internal optical lens event
Alarm Carry ability: DC30V/1A
AC 1.5KV – Power and Case
Insulation 500Vdc/60 Seconds, 9999MΩ insulation resistance between power and case


Straight Fiber Port 2 Duplex SC Connectors for straight connects to Local Device
Bypass Fiber Port 2 Duplex SC Connectors fro bypass connects to main Line (Backbone)
Power, Relay 6-pin terminal block connector with screws for power and dry relay output
Diagnostic LED Power Status (Green) x2: On (Power is applying)
Alarm (Red): On (Event occurred)
Straight (Green): On ( Optical straight connects to local device-Normal state)
Bypass (Red blinking): On ( Optical bypass and connects both of main line from previous and
next node-Abnormal state)

Power Requirements

System Power Isolated redundant power input with and polarity reverse protection.
Power Input Typical operating voltage: DC24V, 10~60V variation
Power Consumption 1.2W @ DC24V


Installation EN50022 DIN Rail Mounting, Wall mounting kits for Vertical and Side-Surface mount
Case Steel
Protection IP30
Dimensions 135mm (H) x 45mm (W) x 105mm (D)


Operating Temperature -40~75°C
Operating Humidity 0~95%, non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40~80°C
Storage Humidity 0~95%, non-condensing


Emission (EMI) IEC/EN61000-6-2, FCC Class A, CISPR 16-1-2/2-1/2-3, CISPR 22
Immunity (EMS) IEC/EN61000-6-4, IEC/EN 61000-4-2/-4-3/-4-4/-4-5/-4-6/-4-8/-4-9