JetNet 5310G

Key Features:

Korenix JetNet 5310G is an industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch that support PoE, designed with eight 10/100TX PoE injector ports and two Gigabit RJ-45 / SFP combo ports to serve high critical PoE applications such as real time IP video surveillance, WiMAX systems and Wireless APs.


• 8 10/100 Base TX PoE ports and 2 Gigabit RJ/SFP combo ports
• IEEE 802.3af 15.4W / IEEE 802.3at 30W High Power PoE
• 120W total power budget for High-power PoE camera
• SFP ports support 100/1000 Mbps with Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) to monitor long distance fiber quality
• All ports support Korenix patented RSR with 5ms recovery time, and MSR for up to 4 x 100M Rings and 2 Gigabit Uplink Rings
• Advanced management by LACP/VLAN/ Private VLAN / QinQ / GVRP/ QoS/ IGMP Snooping/Rate Control/ Online Multi-Port Mirroring/DHCP
• Advanced Security system by Port Security, Access IP list, SSH and HTTPS Login
• Event Notification through E-mail, SNMP trap and SysLog
• IEEE 802.1AB LLDP and optional Korenix NMS software for auto-topology and group management
• Cisco-Like CLI, Web, SNMP/RMON for network management
• Multiple event relay output for enhanced device alarm control
• Hi-Pot Isolation Protection for ports and power
• Industrial heat dispersing design, -40~75°C wide operating temperature

Product Details


Standard IEEE 802.3 10 Base-T Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u 100 Base-TX Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u 100 Base-FX Fast Ethernet Fiber
IEEE 802.3ab 1000 Base-T
IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Fiber
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control and Back-pressure
IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet
IEEE 802.3at High power Power over Ethernet
IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
IEEE 802.1p Class of Service (CoS)
IEEE 802.1QinQ
IEEE 802.1D-2004 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Protocol (LACP)
IEEE 802.1x Port Based Network Access Protocol
IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol

System Performance

Switch Technology Store and Forward Technology with 32Gbps Switch Fabric
System Throughput 8.3Mega packet per second
CPU performance 32 bits ARM-9E running at 180 Mhz and performance up to 200MIPS; Embedded hardware based watch-dog timer.
System Memory 8M bytes flash ROM, 64M bytes SDRAM.
Transfer packet size 64 bytes to 1522 bytes (includes double VLAN tag).
MAC Address 8K MAC address table.
Packet Buffer 1M bits shared memory for packet buffer.
Transfer performance 14,880 pps for Ethernet and 148,800 pps for Fast Ethernet, 1488,100 pps for Gigabit Ethernet
Environment Monitoring Embedded board-level thermal detector for system temperature monitoring.

System Management

Configuration and monitoring interface Telnet, local RS-232 console, Web- browser interface, SNMP, Trap and SMTP interface.
Cisco-Like CLI, Telnet, Web, TFTP/Web Update for firmware and configuration backup and restore, DHCP client, warm start, factory default, Admin password, Port Speed/Duplex Control, status, statistic, MAC address table display, static MAC, Aging time, SNMP v1, v2c, v3, Traps and RMON groups 1,2,3,9.
Telnet & Local Console Supports command line interface with Cisco like commands and maximum 4 sessions; the telnet interface also supports SSH.
SNMP v1, v2c, v3 with SNMP trap function, trap station up to 4 and can be manually configured the trap server IP address.
SNMP MIB MIBII, Bridge MIB, Ethernet-like MIB, VLAN MIB, IGMP MIB, Korenix Private MIB.
Korenix Utility Supports Korenix View and Korenix NMS with IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol for device finding and link topology discovery
Network Time Protocol(NTP) Supports NTP protocol with daylight saving function and localize time sync function.
Management IP Security IP address security to prevent unauthorized access
E-mail Warning 4 receipt E-mail accounts with mail server authentication
System Log Supports both Local or remote Server with authentication

Network Performance

Port Configuration Port link Speed, Link mode, current status and enable/disable.
Port Trunk IEEE 802.3ad port aggregation and static port trunk; trunk member up to 8 ports and maximum 5 trunk groups include Gigabit Ethernet port.
VLAN IEEE 802.1Q Tag VLAN with 256 VLAN Entries and provides 2K GVRP entries 3 VLAN link modes- Trunk, Hybrid and Link access.
Private VLAN Direct client ports in isolated/community VLAN to promiscuous port in primary VLAN.
IEEE 802.1 QinQ Supports Double VLAN Tag function for implementing Metro Network topologies.
Class of Service IEEE 802.1p class of service; per port 4 priority queues.
Traffic Prioritize Supports 4 physical queues, weighted fair queuing (WRR) and Strict Priority scheme, which follows 802.1p CoS tag and IPv4 ToS/ Diffserv information to prioritize the traffic of your industrial network.
IGMP Snooping IGMP Snooping v1/v2c /v3 for multicast filtering and IGMP Query mode; also support unknown multicasting process forwarding policies- drop, flooding and forward to router port.
Rate Control Ingress/Egress filtering for Broadcast, Multicast, Unknown DA or All packets.
Port Mirroring Online traffic monitoring on multiple selected ports
Port Security Port security to assign authorized MAC to specific port
DHCP DHCP Client, DHCP Server with IP & MAC Address binding and DHCP agent (option 82).
IEEE 802.1x Port based network access control and user authentication by radius account, password and key for the radius server authentication.

Power Over Ethernet

PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at; End-span wiring architecture
PoE Operating Mode Auto mode: Auto detects and powering by IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at 2-Event behaviors
Forced mode: User configured power consumption without detection, classification
PoE forwarding conductor V+: RJ-45 conductor 3,6
V-: RJ-45 conductor 1,2
PoE Forwarding ability IEEE 802.3af: 15.4W/per port
IEEE 802.3at: 30W/per port
PoE System Power Budget 80W @ 75oC, 95% Humidity, DC 48V power input
Power Budget Control Port-based system power budget control with first plug-in high priority mechanism

Network Redundancy

Multiple Super Ring (MSRTM) New generation Korenix Ring Redundancy Technology, Includes Rapid Super Ring, Rapid Dual Homing, TrunkRingTM, MultiRingTM and backward compatible with legacy Super RingTM.
Rapid Dual Homing (RDHTM) Multiple uplink paths to one or multiple upper switch
TrunkRingTM Integrates port aggregation function in ring path to get higher throughput ring architecture
MultiRingTM Couple or multiple rings: JetNet 5310G supports up to 4 100M rings and 2 Gigabit ring in single switch.
Multiple Spanning Tree IEEE802.1D-2004 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol. Compatible with Legacy Spanning Tree and IEEE 802.1w multiple spanning tree.


Number of Ports 10/100Mbps PSE port: 8 x RJ-45
Gigabit Ethernet port : 2 x RJ-45 with auto MDI/MDI-X function
100Mbps / 1000Mbps Fiber port:2 x SFP Socket for SFP fiber transceiver with Hot-swappable function.
Console port: 1 x RJ-45 for system configuration
Digital Input / Relay Output port: 4-Pin removable terminal block connector.
Power input port: 4-Pin removable terminal block connector
Cables 100 Base-TX: 2-pairs UTP/STP/FTP Cat.5 cable, EIA/TIA-568B 100-ohm (100m)
1000 Base-T: 4-pair UTP/STP/FTP Cat.5e cable, EIA/TIA-568B 100-ohm (100m)
Uses STP or FTP cable can provide higher electromagnetic resistance to correspond vertical market standard, such as railway EMC – EN50121-4.
Digital Input Digital Input (Hi): DC 11V~30V
Digital Input (Low): DC 10V~0V
Supports sink type signal input with photo-coupler isolation
Relay Output Dry Relay output: 0.5A / DC 24V.
Supports Multiple Events Binding trigger function
LED Indicators Power: Green On: (System power applied)
D.I.: Green On (digital signal high level is detected)
D.O.: Red On. (relay active and form as)
Sys: Green On (System Ready), Blinking ( System perform firmware upgrade
R.S. (Ring status): Green on (Ring normal) / Blinking (Ring with wrong port), Yellow on (Ring abnormal) / Blinking (device’s ring port failed)
LNK (Link): Green on, ACT (Active): Green Blinking
PoE: Yellow on ( PoE is applying power)

Power Requirements

System Power Input Range: DC 46~57V; Inrush Current: 64/ DC 46V input, 76.4A/DC 57V input.
Power system sype Passive power source.
Power consumption 15Watts without PD loading.


Installation Din-Rail mounting
Case Steel metal with Aluminum heat-dissipate panel housing
Ingress Protection – grade 30
Dimensions 95 (W) x 127 (D) x 160 (H) w/o DIN Rail clip
95 (W) x 136.2 (D) x 160 (H) w/ DIN Rail clip
Weight 1.28kg


Operating Temperature -40 ~ 75°C: 120Watts
Operating Humidity 0% ~ 95%, non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85 °C, 0% ~ 90% Humidity
Hi-Pot DC 2.25KV for power to chassis ground, Ethernet port to chassis ground

Regulatory Approvals

EMC IEC /EN61000-6-2, IEC/EN61000-6-4 Heavy Industrial EMC
EMI FCC Class A, CE/ Class A
EMS IEC/EN61000-4-2, IEC/EN61000-4-3, IEC/EN61000-4-4, IEC/EN61000-4-5, IEC/EN61000-4-6, IEC/EN61000-4-8, IEC/EN61000-4-9
Warranty Global 5 years