SE500 Series PoE

Key Features:

SE500 Series PoE

SE500 Series PoE – B&B Electronics

• 8-port 10/100Mbps + up tp 4-port Gigabit Combo(RJ45 or SFP) Uplink + up to 24 GbE ports.
• Full suite of Layer 2 functionality and advanced diagnostic tools
• Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), IEEE 802.3az for low energy consumption
• Jumbo Frame support, up to 9,216 bytes
• IXM™ function enables the cross management for fast deployment
• X-Ring™ function offers self-healing recovery time less than 20 ms
• Redundant Power Inputs (8.4-57.6 VDC)
• Wide Temperature Range -40 to 75°C
• EMS Level 3 Radiated/Conducted noise protection
• Designed for UL508 (Industrial Control Panel), NEMA TS2 (Traffic Control), EN50121-4
(Rail Signal Control)
• IEEE802.3af/at PoE/PoE+ standard compliant, up to 120W as total PoE power budget
• Smart PoE Management, allowing to reboot PD (Powered Device) device remotely.
• Redundant Power Inputs (16.8-57.6 VDC)

Product Details

Product Features

DDM Digital-diagnostic-monitoring (“digital optical monitoring” or DOM) provides a user with critical information concerning the status of transmitted and received signals. This approach allows for better fault isolation and error detection.
Cable Diagnostics This feature enables you to verify the length of a cable right from the switch to the other end. This is essential in diagnosing faults as a break in the cable can be easily identified on a single wire within the cable, as well as shorts and crossed-pairs.
Dual Image Considering possible failures during FW upgrades, such as power failure or human error, dual image provides a backup image in case the system can’t boot up through the primary image. The system automatically switches to the backup image to reduce downtime.
Embedded Watchdog Timer This feature, embedded into our managed switches, when the user can’t easily access the field switch or would be unable to react to faults in a timely manner. Detect and recover from switch malfunctions.
Ease of Use 10/100BaseTX or 10/100/1000Mbps ports are auto sensing and auto configuring. Each copper port is automatically negotiated for maximum speed and performance by default, but can also be configured individually via the user interface.
A powerful inside processor allows wire speed capability on all.
Smart PoE Management The PoE management features allow the user to use the management interface, an administrator can control various PoE functions such as the power budget per port, priority, classification and monitor of PoE status such as the voltage, current, power and temperature per port.

Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) is a set of enhancements to the twisted-pair and backplane Ethernet family of computer networking standards that allows for less power consumption during periods of low data activity.

IXM™   Offers auto synchronization function of firmware and configuration settings to make middle/large-scale deployment of multiple switches fast and easy. A built- in Web GUI feature, no need for extra software to be installed on a computer.
X-Ring™    Sub-20ms self-healing/ring recovery technology. X-Ring™ supports different topology options and allows different ring healing methods to coexist in one switch
– Couple Ring, Dual Homing and Multi-couple Ring
– reduce redundant network cabling and planning costs and ensure high reliability of your industrial network applications.
Multiple Account Access    This feature allows the network manager to create user accounts with differing permissions. User ID’s can be created with a wide variety of access – from simple device monitoring to full maintenance accessibility, thus ensuring security and offering flexibility for field deployment.
IPv6   A future-proof feature, IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is a set of specifications from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that is an upgrade of IP version 4 (IPv4). The basics of IPv6 are similar to those of IPv4 – devices can use IPv6 as source and destination addresses to pass packets over a network.
IGMP Snooping The Internet Group Management Protocol is a feature that allows the managed switch to forward and filter multicast traffic intelligently, designed for the video streaming and automation control network applications.