Developing the transportation system has been a main focus for many countries in the past years to not only reduce the traffic but also ensure the safety of the citizens.

Intelligent Transport

Monitor and control applications oversee all the tasks done and processes performed and executed to identify any potential problems and prevent them by taking corrective actions before a problem rises.

Monitor & Control

The Oil and Gas industry provides the most reliable source of energy. Therefore, this industry is continuously utilizing innovation and the latest cutting-edge technologies, to increase the efficiency and satisfy the market needs. In order to satisfy this industry’s needs in the field of industrial data communication, it requires providing a complete solution that can meet the various significant challenges facing that sector.


The Communications Network infrastructure of power and utilities substations and electricity distribution is of great importance. It is the backbone for operational and management technologies that increase the efficiency of the facilities and the safety of the workers through remote monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance.

Power & Grids

Surveillance and security applications play a critical role in protecting people, assets, and information, and are an essential tool for maintaining safety and security in today's increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Surveillance & Security

The water treatment industry is one of the most crucial industries to humanity. The process of water treatment aims to make water more acceptable for end use, either through providing drinking, agricultural or treated water to different utilities such as residential, commercial and industrial. Also, it allows the discharge of water into the environment without damaging environmental effects.

Water & Irrigation