Ethernet has become the most widely used network standard. Therefore, the need for Industrial Ethernet (IE) networks and Industrial wireless communication has arisen in the industrial automation world.

Industrial Ethernet

Xceltra offers Machine-to-Machine (M2M) remote connectivity solutions that are designed to provide secure and reliable communication between remote terminal units and SCADA over the cellular network (GPRS/GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE). Our M2M solutions, through Machine-to-Machine data transfer, enable remote data access and management, data monitoring and visualization, and remote control of critical assets of public utilities such as electrical and Smart Grid systems, gas pipelines, water works, road administrations and other industrial applications.

Industrial M2M & Industrial IoT

The DIN-rail and C1D2 approved automation computer is an IOT gateway platform that convert communication protocols, I/O control and data storage in various and latest industrial applications such as edge computing.

IPCs & Controllers

With any upgrade in the industrial automation network, comes the need for transparent data mapping between the new control network and the existing one. For that reason, Xceltra carries a wide range of robust Fieldbus and Serial gateways to ensure a complete and reliable industrial communication design.

Fieldbus & Serial

The evolution in wireless technologies has brought about a revolution in the industrial automation world due to the substantial cost savings of installation, and reliability of field data collection. Driven by this advantageous advancement, we take pride in our wide range of industrial Wireless and Radio solutions

Industrial Radio & Microwave

Accessories make the underlying difference between a well-functioning and robust network and a network that often fails and proposes a lot of safety hazards.

Industrial Accessories