Network Synchronization

The Synchronization of time references of different network nodes is essential in Smart Grid and Utility network setups, where real time behaviour is required. High precision, scalability, and reliability are among many advantages that our time synchronization solutions guarantee. Moreover, our solutions support versatile interfacing options to your network nodes, and are equipped with full featured Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) clock for use in electricity protection and control systems. Since modern substation automation systems are now using Ethernet to communicate between SCADA systems and IEDs, our time synchronization solutions support NTP, and PTP. This enables us to use the substation LAN rather for sending time stamps


These are NTP servers that utilize different protocols such as and NTP/SNTP (IEC 61850) to synchronize and distribute time over the network.

Network Time Servers

Our industrial grade GPS clocks synchronize multiple IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) within a network as well as remote telemetry units to enable accurate time stamping.

GPS Clocks