Industrial Accessories

Accessories make the underlying difference between a well-functioning and robust network and a network that often fails and proposes a lot of safety hazards. For that reason, we are very keen on offering reliable and safety certified wired and wireless accessories that are known to have global compliance with applicable regulations. From Power supplies, cables and Patch panels to antennas and lightning protectors, we have the right accessories to fit and complete your network.


Accessories are as crucial as the main components in a network; therefore we offer tailored services to exceed each customer’s expectation.

Accessories & cables

High Quality Rugged Antennas are essential for a wireless network communication especially in harsh environments. With all shapes and sizes, we fulfill your Antenna requirements to connect your Teltonika Routers and reach best performance

Antennas for Teltonika Routers

Industrial customizable patch panels achieve operating temperatures of -40°C to +75°C, various mounting capabilities (DIN Rail, Surface mount, or Rack mount).

DIN-Rail Patch Panels

XCELTRA Fiber Optics Solution, Fiber Optic assemblies are manufactured in state of the art facilities using the best components. All terminations pass 400x visual inspection, insertion and return loss test

Enterprise Fiber Optics Solution

Our Rugged and high quality Din Rail DC/DC and AC/DC power conversion products offer high immunity against electrical disturbances.

Power Suppliers & Converters

Ruggedized Antennas give you the freedom of installation without worrying about any Environmental issues, and with our range of antenna types (Mono pole, Dipole, Yagi-Uda, array antenna, SmartDisk, etc…..).

Rugged Antennas