Industrial Automation & Control

With any upgrade in the industrial automation network, comes the need for transparent data mapping between the new control network and the existing one. For that reason, Xceltra carries a wide range of robust Fieldbus and Serial gateways to ensure a complete and reliable industrial communication design.
Network Expansion entitles a substantial multiplication in the number of field devices and control points; this in turn raises the major concern of effective and organized data acquisition and control between these various field devices and the central SCADA. Our Signal Conditioners and IO gateways guarantee the integration of the process field devices into your existing network, thus allowing remote access and control, and avoiding complicated network design.


Industrial protocol translators are critical for ensuring seamless communication between different devices and networks in industrial environments.

Protocol Gateways

Ruggedized serial terminal servers are superiorly designed to encapsulate serial RS-232, RS-422/485 data from multiple field devices into a single outgoing Ethernet stream of packets; to be easily re-transmitted through the network. Therefore..

Serial Servers