Industrial Ethernet

Ethernet has become the most widely used network standard. Therefore, the need for industrial Ethernet networks has arisen in the industrial automation world.
Xceltra offers a broad range of Industrial Ethernet products that support variety of speeds, distances as well as Power Over Ethernet options (POE). In addition, our products are designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions such as extreme temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, and Electromagnetic emissions. Our products meet and exceed industrial approvals fit for a wide range of industrial applications, such as Substation, oil and gas, security and surveillance, and Transportation to name a few.


High density layer2 and layer 3 modular switches can support up to 96 Ethernet copper ports, designed to deliver maximum throughput and flexibility for high density and ultra-high-speed connections.

High Density & Routers

Our Managed layer 2 and layer 3 solutions are designed to provide copper and/or fiber networking with the required speed to fit your application.

Managed switches

Media converters offer a complete solution for extending Ethernet data transmission over fiber or VDSL.

Media Converters

These are NTP servers that utilize different protocols such as and NTP/SNTP (IEC 61850) to synchronize and distribute time over the network.

Network Time Servers

The PoE switches are engineered for applications where providing a power source is not an option such as Surveillance and security, and traffic monitoring in transportation applications.

PoE Switches

These are Utility grade switches that are specifically designed to operate in Smart Grid and Utility Substation applications.

Sub-Station Solution

The unmanaged switches offer a plug-and-play functionality for simple networks that don’t require much control or redundancy.

Unmanaged switches