5G Gateways & Routers

5G is the forthcoming revolution of mobile technology. With ultra-high-speed data transfer and low latency, these gateways are poised to change the way we communicate and interact with the world around us. The increased bandwidth and reduced latency offered by 5G technology, make it ideal for use with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Industrial IoT and Machine Learning (ML) applications. These gateways enable businesses to connect to the 5G network and take advantage of its high-speed data transfer capabilities, improving communication and enhancing productivity.

Teltonika Networks is a rapidly growing technology company. They manufacture professional network connectivity equipment for international markets. Through long-term experience, research and development of industrial network devices for Industrial IoT and M2M communication, Teltonika Networks has developed a wide portfolio of products for the most complex areas of Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy. […]