Industrial Solar Systems


Reliable, robust, redundant and uninterrupted power for critical applications in harsh ambient conditions., Military certified, Operation up to 80℃, high humidity and dust levels, Semiconductor based cooling system for the battery, High and low priority load control, Maintenance free, N+N redundancy, Extremely fast power system deployment, Easy for relocation all-in-one outdoor design

Defence & Security

Massive OPEX reduction and diesel generator replacement solutions., Minimizing DG running hours, Significant fuel savings, Total OPEX reduction, Maintenance period extension, Fast return on investment period, Intelligent diesel generator control, Complete diesel generator replacement

Diesel Replacement

Mid to large scale X power plant for industrial applications., Indoor or outdoor design, Integration of existing electrical grid (if available), Pure sine wave 3-phase output voltage, Unlimited battery storage


Off-Grid power for cathodic protection, gas and oil wells, valves, monitoring and communication systems., Operation up to 80℃, high humidity and sand levels, Complete outdoor design with energy storage, Unique maintenance free cooling solutions, Special modification for desert conditions, Ni-Cad and Lead Acid battery ready, Unlimited power back-up, Battery life extension

Oil & Gas

Energy independence for grid connected or bad grid areas and full autonomy for off-grid residential areas., Off-Grid: complete power autonomy, Grid: electricity bill reduction, Bad grid: UPS functionality, Long back-up power, Remote monitoring and control, Automatic diesel generator control, Smart grid features and billing system


The OPEX killer solution for off-grid telecom towers in remote areas., Up to 99% OPEX reduction, Return on Investment < 16 months, Site setups: PV+DG+Batt; PV+Batt; DG+Batt, Diesel generator intelligent management, Remote monitoring and control via SNMP or WEB, Cooling options: A/C, heat exchange, free cooling.


X-GRID - centralized or distributed mini-grid system powered by EXERON., Power supply for remote communities, Ready to operate containerized system ,Smart grid features for multiple X-GRID systems, Intelligent load control and billing system, Off-grid electricity from: 0.28$ / kWh, Remote monitoring and control, Unlimited battery storage