Energy independence for grid connected or bad grid areas and full autonomy for off-grid residential areas.

• Off-Grid: complete power autonomy
• Grid: electricity bill reduction
• Bad grid: UPS functionality
• Long back-up power
• Remote monitoring and control
• Automatic diesel generator control
• Smart grid features and billing system
• Customized systems for indoor and outdoor applications
• Ready to use after connection of power source and load
• Options for diesel genset connection and control
• Deployment in harsh ambient conditions
• Integrated batteries within the system
• Billing options for Mini-Grid operators
• Remote monitoring and control
• Several cooling options

• Modular design
• MPPT solar charge controllers
• UOC: 140 VDC ÷ 450 VDC (min ÷ max) UMPPT: 140 VDC ÷ 450 VDC (full range)
• Unified design for all charge controllers
• N x power unlimited design
• Input: N x 2 kW charge controllers
• Output: N x 4 kVA inverter modules
• Poly-, Mono-, Thin-film modules
• Redundancy (N + 1)
• Easy configuration and installation
• Fast module exchange
• Plug & Play modules
• Hot swap technology
• Small size and light weight

Residential with storage

Indoor and outdoor turn-key solutions

 Indoor and outdoor turn-key solutions