Our Profile

Who we are

Xceltra was founded in London in 2007, Set up Centralized Operations in Cairo in 2008, then started Local Operations in UAE, Saudi, and Egypt in 2009. The main specialization was in Telecoms, Satellite, and in MENA in industrial communications.

Xceltra enables industrial and infrastructure technology integrators in Energy, Utilities, Transport and Security sectors within MENA to meet the “Reliable Connectivity” challenge they face with their mission-critical and Automation applications in harsh, remote or hazardous environments.

Vision and Mission

We aim to be the number one industrial communications solutions partner to technology integrators of the Middle East & Africa infrastructure and industrial markets.

Our customers choose us for our expert led high quality, time and cost saving connectivity solutions backed by professional customer responsive care and services.

Offering and Value

We design and deliver highly robust and resilient communications solutions for industrial applications supported by solid partnerships with the leading industrial communications product manufacturers.

We help our customers reduce downtime and operational costs of their industrial applications in harsh environments. Leading system integrators in MENA rely on our niche technical expertise and solution quality to increase their applications’ robustness, revenues, and competitive differentiation.

Our customers’ surveys rated high our delivery and logistics services for saving them valuable time on project resources and deployment. They valued our fast response time and proactive feedback to address project obstacles, minimise performance variances, and increase customer retention levels.

Why Choose us

• To reduce downtime and operational costs – our ruggedized high quality solutions are designed to meet zero- network-downtime to meet harsh project demands.

• To increase revenues and competitive differentiation – our technical consultation increases the value efficiency of customer solutions in varied applications.

• To gain valuable time and efficiency on project deployment – our excellent delivery and logistics services take ownership of customer orders and deliver on time.

• To promptly resolve issues and increase customer retention levels – our fast response times and professional feedback is guaranteed before and after purchasing.