Key Features:

TOC 7319451
EAN 4018242442911
EEC A++, A+, A
Luminous efficacy 95 lm/W
Lamps/luminaire luminous flux 950 lm
Connected load (W) 10,00 W
Colour temperature 3000 K
Degree of protection IP65
Colour anthracite, similar to DB 703
Weight 3.5 kg
Monitoring ready ne

Product Details

Luminaire type
Bollard head unit with double cone-shaped opal PMMA reflector. Use in various designs and heights in combination with separately ordered supporting columns.

Pedestrian zones, Arcades, Paths in parks and green areas, Residential facilities, Stairs, Access areas, Light around the house. For orientation lighting in outdoor areas.

Optical system
2 LED modules each with 4 LEDs integrated in a lens system, direct distribution. With rotationally symmetrical wide light distribution. Further beam characteristics are available for flexible adaptation to customer-specific lighting tasks.

LED system
Luminaire luminous flux 950 lm, connected load 10,00 W, luminous efficiency of luminaire 95 lm/W. Light colour warm white, correlated colour temperature (CCT) 3000 K, general colour rendering index (CRI) Ra > 70. Mean rated service life L80(tq 25 °C) = 80,000 h.

Luminaire body
Supporting column of extruded aluminium section. Anthracite colour, similar to DB703 with metal effect, highly weather resistant, powder-coated. Sea weather-suitable coating on request. Luminaire diameter 172 mm, luminaire height 220 mm. Cylindrical cover of impact-resistant PMMA, clear.

Electrical version
With electronic ballast, digitally dimmable (DALI). The luminaire complies with fundamental requirements of applicable EU regulations and product safety legislation and bears the CE symbol.

Planning information:

The bollard head unit must be combined with a supporting column to be ordered separately, which is available in different designs.