Ethernet became the preferred communication backbone for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) applications years ago, yet it has taken some time for the best Ethernet infrastructure practices to work their way into these M2M/IIoT networks. DINSpace was founded in 2010 to manufacture and market well-thought-out and rugged products to solve the unique challenges encountered when installing networking infrastructure in M2M/IIoT applications.


DINSpace is a manufacturer of Industrial Ethernet connectivity solutions, based in Carrollton, TX. DINSpace is a subsidiary of Ergotech Controls, Inc. which has been providing industrial connectivity equipment and engineering since 1998.

DINSpace Products

DINSpace’s products are designed to meet unique challenges encountered in harsh industrial environments, where ruggedness and reliability are essential. The company is dedicated to manufacturing well-thought-out and useful equipment made from the finest materials possible. Additionally, all their products have a lifetime limited warranty. DINSpace also develops custom solutions to solve the challenges presented to their customers.

DIN-Rail Patch Panels

Dinspace Industrial customizable patch panels achieve operating temperatures of -40°C to +75°C and various mounting capabilities (DIN Rail, Surface mount, or Rack mount). Their compact-size Din Rail patch panels require minimum space within control cabinetry and guarantee to solve the issues faced when installing networking technology in industrial environments.

Accessories & cables

Dinspace has a wide range of fiber optic products including patch cords, pigtails, adapters, attenuators, and connectors. All their products are RoHS compliant and are conforming to IEC, TIA/EIA specifications. They also supply low-loss RF cabling and customized RF cables to satisfy all your needs for safe connectivity.

Website: www.dinspace.com