QuWireless is specialized in wireless systems manufacturing. All components are made in the EU. QuWireless is a company full of experienced individuals who have been present in the industry business for over 15 years. They always come up with special solutions for any wireless and remote devices. QuWireless are continuously striving to provide the best product, by keeping high standards.

QuWireless Products

QuWireless has created a line of products dedicated to Teltonika routers, with space for it inside the IP67 housing, as well as universal with SMA connectors. Their antennas open up a large number of new possibilities for outdoor use scenarios.

Among many others, their antennas are used in the following industries:

  •  IoT
  • CCTV
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • RV / Camping
  • M2M
  • Remote area internet providing
  • Automation

Antennas for Teltonika Routers

QuWireless design and manufacture outdoor antennas for each model of Teltonika’s RUT routers. Depending on the Teltonika router model, their antennas offer appropriate features to suit the needs of the product. For instance, the QuSpot omni LTE antenna for Teltonika RUT955 router is a perfect outdoor device for mobile and fixed installations like industrial, CCTV, hotspots, yachts, boats, campers, RV etc.

QuMax XR LTE High Band for RUT240/950/955/X09/X11
QuMax XR All In
QuMax for Teltonika RUTX11
QuMax for Teltonika RUTX10
QuMax for Teltonika RUTX09
QuMax for Teltonika RUT240/230
QuMax for Teltonika RUT955