RACOM, one of the leading global players in SCADA & Telemetry data transfer, founded in 1989, has a well-established reputation of being a global player and trend-setter in the production of Radio modems, Cellular routers and Microwave links.

RACOM is involved in the development and production of equipment for wireless data transfer. Their three main product lines are Radio modems, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers and Microwave. RACOM is a modern company with its own technological centre for SMT and hybrid assembly, a subsidiary company, RACOM SLOVAKIA, and an extensive network of international partners, who ensure that they continue to export the majority of their products.

RACOM operates with no debts with cash flow also managed internally. This excellent record not only proves the merits of RACOM ‘s technology and continued market success, but lasting customer satisfaction; and the right level of management skill to take RACOM forward in this progressive technology market.

RACOM Production

RACOM’s success lies in keeping the whole production cycle in-house. They have their own HW and SW development, a technology center for SMT and hybrid assembly and also their own mechanical production facility. Fabrication and final quality control on all their products are also handled in-house.

RACOM Products

Their products provide a 24/7 reliable service in more than 110 countries for mission-critical applications like SCADA & Telemetry for Power and Water Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mining and other industries. Microwave links are used for backbones or high-speed last miles mostly by Telco or WISP. Through collaborative discussions and long-term relationships, RACOM is able to build robust solutions that meet current and future needs.

UHF/VHF Radios

These UHF/VHF radios and Gateways are capable of operating in access point/client configuration, functioning as a network bridge/router, or serving as serial servers. They support addressed/broadcast modes, and optimal path routing for Modbus® RTU, DF1 and DNP-3. Moreover, they are equipped with the adjustable noise floor feature for optimum noise immunity. With the UHF/VHF high transmission power, you can overcome obstacles, achieve communication, and stay connected.

Website: www.racom.eu