SIEMENS networks is a global powerhouse positioned along the electrification value chain – from power generation, transmission and distribution to smart grid solutions and the efficient application of electrical energy – as well as in the areas of medical imaging and in-vitro diagnostics.

In 2012 Siemens has agreed with RUGGEDCOM Inc. (TSX: RCM) to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of RUGGEDCOM, therefore covering all IDC needs with Both SCALACE and RUGGEDCOM


RUGGEDCOM products perform at their best when the environment is at its worst, offering fast and reliable communications for electric power, transportation, Oil & Gas and many other industries.

RUGGEDCOM products set new standards for quality and reliability for communication networks deployed in harsh environments. Covering an extremely wide temperature range, they offer zero-packet-loss technology under high electromagnetic interference and enhanced Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (eRSTP™) for ultra-high-speed network fault recovery.

RUGGEDCOM is a leading provider of communications and networking solutions for harsh industrial environments.

SCALANCE network

SCALANCE – network components for industrial communication

Reliable, secure and flexible networking at all industrial network levels.

SCALANCE network components form the basis of communication networks in manufacturing and process automation. SCALANCE products have been specially designed for use in industrial applications. As a result, they fulfill all requirements for ultra-efficient industrial networks and bus systems. Whether switching, routing, security applications, remote access or Industrial Wireless LAN – SCALANCE is the solution.

SCALANCE offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated industrial communication solutions. This portfolio displays the perfect connection for every industrial application – from the automotive to the chemical industry, as well as in manufacturing and process industries. They are designed for use at all network levels in order to offer ultra-efficient and future-proof communication.

SIEMENS Products

SIEMENS provides a variety of products that are reliable, secure and cost-effective and meet the requirements of multiple applications.

Managed Switches

The Managed layer 2 and layer 3 solutions are designed to provide copper and/or fiber networking with the required speed to fit your application. With a wide variety of port options, these modular switches offer great flexibility for network design and redundancy. Additionally, they are designed to withstand severe industrial conditions for a wide range of industrial applications, such as intelligent transport, Oil and Gas, smart factories and many more.

Unmanaged Switches

The unmanaged switches offer a plug-and-play functionality for simple small-scale networks that don’t do not require advanced management features, much control or redundancy. This will allow the combination of many Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) over the same hardware, thus saving cabling space and cost, in addition to network installation flexibility.

Sub-Station Solution

These utility grade switches are specifically designed to operate in Smart Grid and Utility Substation applications. These switches exceed both the IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 standards, ensuring immunity to EMI and heavy electrical surges, making them ideal for harsh environmental conditions.

PoE Switches

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches are engineered for applications where providing a power source is not feasible, making them ideal for surveillance and security, and traffic monitoring in transportation applications. A variety of managed and unmanaged switches are offered, they comply with IEEE 802.3af (PoE) and IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) standards, ensuring that they meet the power requirements of any network.

High Density & Routers

High density layer2 and layer 3 modular switches can support up to 96 Ethernet copper ports, designed to deliver maximum throughput and flexibility for high density and ultra-high-speed connections. These Ethernet solutions are built to survive challenging industrial environments for a variety of industry 4.0 applications.

Media Converters

Media Converters offer a complete Industrial Ethernet solution for extending Ethernet data transmission over fiber or VDSL. The offered Media Converters are designed to fulfill the specific requirements of your Industrial applications with the highest data reliability, high-speed and flexible network connectivity.