Tekron: World Leader in GPS & Atomic Clock Solutions to Synchronize Industrial Networks


Provide high precision GPS and GLONASS Satellite Clocks, Rubidium Atomic Clocks (including Miniature Atomic Clocks-MACs) and Stratum 1 Network Time Server solutions.

Installed in over 70 countries, Tekron’s cost effective and highly reliable time keeping technologies and consulting services enable synchronization of mission critical applications including national power grids/substation automation, digital broadcasting, telecommunication and enterprise networks.
Tekron has been at the forefront of the development, design and manufacturing of GPS clocks and Time Sync products for smart grid and substations, including industries that require precise, robust and reliable timing.
Tekron is a New Zealand company with products are installed in over 60 countries. they have a strong history of designing and customizing products and work closely with their customers to provide their specific timing requirements.

• Delivering extremely accurate and robust products
• Delivering the highest level of pre and post sales service
• Delivering customized solutions for customers’ unique specifications.

Website : www.tekron.com