Fiber Optic Cable Single Loose Tube STA

Key Features:

Xceltra single loose tube corrugated steel tape armoured cables are constructed of 250μm fibers held in a gel filled central loose tube surrounded by waterblocking tape and corrugated, polyethylene laminated steel tape. The cable features two parallel steel wire strength members embedded in the polyethylene (PE) or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) outer jacket.


•   Choice of fiber type.
•   Choice of jacket color.
•   High water resistance.
•   Choice of outer sheath material.
•   Customized jacket print legend.

Product Details

Fiber core 4-8f 12-24f
Outer diameter mm 8.0 ±0.3 8.8 ±0.3
Insertion loss dB/km SM: ≤0.4@1310nm, ≤0.3@1550nm
MM: ≤3.5@850nm, ≤1.5@1300nm
Long term tensile strength 500 500
Short term tensile strength 1500 1500
Long term crush resistance 1000
Short term crush resistance 3000
Storage temperature OC -40~70
Operating temperature OC -40~70
Cable weight kg/km 62
Reel dimension (2km/reel) mm 550×750 550×850
Reel weight kg 25 30