Command Center

Key Features:

Network Security Orchestration

Managing the security of distributed networks and connected devices can be a daunting task for IT administrators and MSPs. Untangle’s Command Center gives admins the ability to manage network traffic across locations simply and easily from a cloud-based console, accessible from any browser.

Command Center makes it easy to manage your NG Firewall or SD-WAN Router appliances remotely, whether deploying for the first time with zero-touch provisioning, or pushing policy changes across your fleet. You also get visibility to the devices that are connected to your networks, giving you end-to-end control over what’s happening.

Our partnerships with Malwarebytes and Webroot give you the ability to identify any threats and start an endpoint protection scan in Command Center. We’ve brought the same ease-of-use you expect from Untangle to our Command Center console, providing a single pane of glass for simplified security orchestration.

Product Details

Network Security Orchestration

As part the Untangle Network Security Framework, Command Center gives you visibility over the whole network and across all NG Firewall and SD-WAN Router deployments. All NG Firewall and SD-WAN Router appliances can be managed remotely from a single login. Command Center is ideal for organizations with multiple locations to deploy, protect and manage.

Simplified Management Reduce management overhead by handling a range of tasks remotely with Command Center. It’s easy to make one-to-many policy changes across locations, then keep appliances in sync automatically. See appliance status at a glance, including uptime, bandwidth utilization, and network traffic summaries. Get valuable auditing logs about administrative changes, key to regulatory compliance. Manage licensing, software updates, backups and more.
Zero-Touch Provisioning Easily configure NG Firewall and Untangle SD-WAN Router appliances remotely. Customers or partners with multiple locations and limited IT staff can simply set up the appliance to fit the needs of each location without the need for physical access.
Endpoint Security Command Center’s integration with Malwarebytes and Webroot provides administrators an easy way to see not only the status of remote firewalls, but also manage devices on the network. Drill down into detailed information about hosts, get alerts when threats are detected, or even initiate an endpoint protection scan.
Included with NG Firewall Complete All NG Firewall deployments have access to basic Command Center features including remote access. A subscription to the Complete package is required on each deployment in order to benefit from advanced management: configure and push templates, backups, alerts and endpoint protection integration.

How It Works

Dashboard Dashboard gives you an immediate picture of what’s happening on your Untangle-protected networks. Know the status of each deployment including connectivity, location, top host activity, detected threats, critical alerts, and top bandwidth usage. Maintain compliance with real-time account auditing including changes to account info, purchases, login attempts and more.




Alerts Alerts allows you to create global alerts across deployments improving visibility, ensuring business continuity, and easing management for multi-site deployments and MSPs. Integrate these global alerts with popular management tools like Pager Duty and Slack, and get instantly alerted in the event of an outage or WAN failure.




Appliances Dig into each individual NG Firewall deployment within Appliances. Get critical information including system status and uptime information, number of active hosts, resource and bandwidth usage, configuration backups, top network activity, along with network, software and hardware information, alerts and threat information and more. Remotely manage each deployment via a secure remote connection, create or restore backups and perform software updates.




Hosts  The Hosts tab enables you to view the real-time activities of all hosts across all of your managed deployments, including operating system, active sessions, summary details, and more. Command Center’s integration with Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides the detailed security status of each host, including software installed, last scan results and threat history. Easily perform an antivirus scan or receive alerts when a threat is detected.




Policies  Configure policies across NG Firewall deployments in Policies. View policies by appliance, then clone and push those policies to any other appliance. This “configure once, deploy anywhere” capability radically reduces management overhead.




Reports  The Reports tab provides 30-day aggregated reporting for all your NG Firewall deployments within Command Center. Reports include: Audit History, Bandwidth Control: Top Applications (by bandwidth), Events: Alerts Received, Events: Notification Log, Top Hostnames (by bandwidth), Total Bandwidth, Web Filter: Top Domains (by request).


Tools Utilize Untangle’s ScoutIQTM cyber threat intelligence platform to determine if a file is a virus via Tools. Manually check if a file has a virus by generating a MD5 hash or automatically have files scanned when downloaded when an antivirus platform is used in conjunction with NG Firewall.




Account Easily manage licensing, provisioning and billing. Divide responsibilities across user roles by creating administrative accounts and associated privileges across multiple deployments.




Command Center Features

Command Center was designed to simplify the lives of administrators who need to manage multiple networks effectively and efficiently. As a cloud service, Command Center updates are seamless and automatic, providing immediate access to the latest improvements. By simplifying provisioning and licensing, organizations can realize immediate cost-savings from reduced management overhead. Real-time firewall and endpoint status alerts help in site management and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Dashboard Command Center’s dashboard gives you an immediate picture of what’s happening on your Untangle-protected networks.
Appliances See critical information about each NG Firewall and Untangle SD-WAN Router deployment, manage those deployments via remote access, and get alerts and threat history details for each appliance.
Policies Easily view, configure, clone and push policies across appliances for a “configure once, deploy anywhere” methodology that reduces management overhead.
Account Easily manage all licensing, provisioning and billing information across your Untangle account.
Alerts Receive global alerts across deployments: improving visibility, ensuring business continuity, and easing management for multi-site deployments and MSPs.
Hosts View real-time host activities across all deployments. Gain visibility into the security status of each host running Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection.
Reports Access to 30 day aggregated reports for all deployments connected to Command Center.
Tools Utilize Untangle’s ScoutIQTM cyber threat intelligence platform to determine if a file is a virus.