Isolated Timing Distributor

Key Features:

The Isolated Timing Distributor is designed to provids a simple method to distribute the unmodulated IRIG-B between rooms or of substation panels while maintaining electrical isolation.

• Extend the distance of an IRIG-B or Pulse signal
• Provide isolation between A & B Protection Systems or between IEDs
• Reduces wiring to panels of equipment

Product Details

Outputs copper version
4 x Copper TTL
TTL 0-5 V, 150 mA, fused (2-pin)

Outputs fiber version
4 x ST fiber
Fiber TX (62.5/125 um, λ 820 nm), compatible with multi-mode fiber over ST Fiber connectors

Inputs copper version
1 x Copper (2-pin):
5 V, 2 mA max TTL compatible/HCMOS High logic minimum threshold 2.5 Vdc, Maximum Voltage 14 V

1 x Fiber RX (ST):
62.5/125 um, λ = 820 nm, multi-mode Receiver sensitivity -34.4 dBm

Internal signal delay
TTL in to TTL out: 125 +/- 10 ns
TTL in to Fiber out: 75 +/- 10 ns
Fiber in to Fiber out: 65 +/- 10 ns
Fiber in to TTL out: 110 +/- 10 ns

Power supply options

Low: 14 – 36 Vdc (2 pin)

Medium: 20 – 75 Vdc (2 pin)

High: 90 – 300 Vdc (2 pin)

Power rating: 5 W max

Operating temperature: -10°C to +65°C
Humidity: 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing)


Power to IO (LV/MV DC power): 5 kVdc

Power to IO (HV DC/AC power): 5 kVac

Power to Earth (LV/MV DC Power): 2 kVdc

Power to Earth (HV DC/AC Power): 3 kVac

Input to Earth: 3.5 kVac

Output to Earth:3 kVdc