GPS Satellite Clock – TTM 01-E

Key Features:

The TTM 01-E is a reliable and accurate GPS clock with sub-microsecond timing that is used to synchronize IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) in the power industry and other industries where precise and reliable timing is required.

• Independently isolated outputs
• Isolated power supply
• High output power line drivers
• High noise immunity due to balanced pair distribution
• UTC and LST with user defined DST options
• Remote configuration

Product Details

Output serial version

1 x Time code or pulse output
+/- 9 V RS232 levels. Output A

1 x Serial strings output
+/- 9 V RS232 levels. Output B

Timing Accuracy
<1.5 µs to UTC (Pulse or time code); <200 µs to UTC (Serial)

1 x Sync indication output
200 V, 150 mA (Max)

Output TTL version

2 x TTL Outputs
Time codes & pulses

<200 ns to UTC
Timing Accuracy:
1 x Sync indication output

Outputs – AM IRIG Version

1 x AM-IRIG_B12x

Electrical Specification
9 Vpp, 120 ohms

Timing Accuracy
<2 µs to UTC
1 x Sync indication output

Network Time Server Port Option

Timing accuracy
<200 ns to UTC
This UTP network interface option allows TTM 01- E to function as a Stratum 1 NTP/ SNTP Time Server.

Protocols supported

PTP v2 support Option

As per Network Time Server above plus
. PTP (IEEE1588) v2 operation GrandMaster (GPS) or ordinary clock functions
(determined via BMC algorithm)
. Profile selection:
– Default or Power
– 1-step/ 2-step process
– Layer 2 or Layer 3 mapping
– Peer to Peer and End to End delay support
– Multicast operation
.Typical ordinary clock PPS accuracy (single sub- net) <200ns


Power to Antenna
1 kV

Power supply to I/O
3.5 kV

Between TTL outputs A + B
2.5 kV

Environmental and Electrical 

Power Drain

Operating Temperature
-10°C to +65°C

To 95% non-condensing