Key Features:

• RUGGEDCOM RSG2100 is an industrially hardened, fully managed Ethernet switch
• 19-Port Modular with Gigabit Uplink Ports
• 128-bit Encryption
• Up to 3-Gigabit Ethernet ports copper and/or fiber
• Up to 16-Fast Ethernet ports copper and/or fiber
• 2 port modules for tremendous flexibility
• Supports many types of fiber (multimode, singlemode, Bi-directional single strand) Long haul optics allow Gigabit distances up to 70km Multiple connector types (ST, MTRJ, LC, SC, RJ45, micro-D)

Product Details

Transmission rate

o Transfer rate 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, 1000 Mbit/s
o Number of ports / maximum 19; Number of ports depending on configuration


Interfaces / others

Number of electrical connections
o for operator console 1
o for management purposes 0
Type of electrical connection
o for operator console: ` RJ45
o for power supply and signaling contact: 10-pole terminal block, screwable or plugable, screw contact



Relay design                 Form-C contact relay (SP CO)
Type of relay output Changeover contact
Operating voltage / of the signaling contacts
• at AC / maximum 230 V
• at DC / maximum 250 V
Operating current / of the signaling contacts
• at AC / at 250 V / maximum 2 A
• at DC / at 30 V / maximum 2 A
• at DC / at 125 V 0.15 A


Permitted ambient conditions

Ambient temperature
• during operation -40 … +85 °C
• Note A maximum operating temperature of +85 °C is permissible for a duration of 16 hours
Operating condition / fanless operation Yes
Protection class IP IP20