105U-L I/O Count Transmitter

Key Features:

105U-L I/O Count Transmitter and Receiver Pair

The ELPRO 105U-L-T (Transmitter) and 105U-L-R (Receiver) products feature a small I/O count, one-way and cost-effective communications between field devices.
The 105U-L series products are flexible by design (i.e., pre-configured pairs for ease of commissioning) and may be used in simple to complex, multi-hop repeating networks (in combination with other ELPRO I/O and gateway products).

•869.525MHz/500mW or 869.875MHz/5mW frequency options.
•Flexible usage: pre-configured matched transmitter/receiver pair or complex networks via ELPRO I/O and/or Gateway products.
• Peer-to-peer communications with exception reporting, self-checking of messages via CRC, update time and secure data encryption.
• Multi-hop repeatability via ELPRO multi-I/O & Gateways products.

Product Details


DFSK(1), 869.525MHz; 869.875MHz

Transmit Power
 869.525MHz: 500mW; 869.875MHz: 5mW

Receiver Sensitivity
111dBm (RX only)

Data Rate
19.2kbps with forward-error correction

Line Of Sight Range(2)
500mW-5km out of plant: 1km in obstructed environments
5mW-1km out of plant: 300m in obstructed environments

Antenna Connector
 SMA female coaxial

Transmitter Input

Digital Input(3)
2 (Voltage free contacts/NPN or 0-1Vdc on/>3Vdc off)

Pulse Input(3)
2 (Max pulse rate 10Hz, pulse width 50ms: 16 bit resolution)

Analog Input
1 (0-20mA) floating differential input: 16 bit resolution, accuracy <0.1%

Thermocouple Input
1 (-10mV to +100mV, J, K or T type linearization; on-board cold-junction compensation: accuracy better than 1°C)

Receiver Output

Digital Output
3 – DO relay outputs (250Vac/1A, 50Vdc/1A); (2500V RMS Isolated)

Analog Output
Sourcing current output 1 (0-20mA: 12 bit resolution, accuracy 0.1%)

Serial Port – Configuration Port Only
RS232 9600 baud, 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit
Note: RJ-45 connector is wired as per 9 pin female RS232 connector

1) DFSK – Digital Frequency Shift Keying.
2) Actual radio distances dependent on terrain/obstacles.
3) Pulse and digital I/O are the same connection.

LED Indication – Transmitter
OK Green: DC power OK, micro processer/module OK
Red: system failure (power/micro processer/module failure)
DIN1 Digital input active/in use
DIN2 Digital input active/in use
SP Setpoint status/active
TX Radio transmitting
AZ Analog value zero
PG Program mode (unit communicating with laptop/computer)
SET Pre-define setpoint selection

LED Indication – Receiver
OK Green: DC power OK: micro processer/module OK
Red: system failure (power/micro processer/module failure)
DO1 Digital output active/in use
DO2 Digital output active/in use
DO3 Digital output active/in use
Radio RX Radio receiving
CF Communications failure
PG Program mode (unit communicating with laptop/computer)
Sig RSSI level display

 -40 to +60°C (-40 to 140°F)

0-99%RH Non-Condensing

EMC: EN 301 489
Radio: EN 300 220
Safety: EN 60950, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx nA IIC

Power Supply
Nominal Supply 9 – 30Vdc

Quiescent Current
40mA Transmitter
40mA Receiver

Current 200mA Tx (500mW), 90mA Tx (5mW)