Monitor and Control mission critical network – KSA

Key Features:

The Monitoring and Controlling Process is essential to keep a project on track and ensure that appropriate standards and deadlines are met.
It can be challenging to get data from a remote site, connect it to another, and then manage and control the information from a central location. Being able to implement an effective Monitoring and Controlling Process can enable tracking, reviewing, and regulating the progress and performance of the project.

The Challenges

• Ruggedised devices to withstand harsh environments
•  Fast product development
•  Support for DMVPN protocol to connect several remote sites and headquarters
•  Limited production & delivery time

The Solution

To provide the relevant solution that fit the application, Labs and Demos & Proof of Concept were organised. Secure industrial 4G and 5G routers were installed.

These routers are equipped with multiple port Ethernet and support WiFi and dual Sim for network redundancy. They are efficient even in harsh environments thanks to -40°C to 75°C operating temperature. Additionally, they send the traffic through 4G/5G to headquarters. Moreover, they can be configured remotely through the web. As part of the product development, the DMVPN protocol was exclusively implemented to link the remote sites and headquarters. Thus, saving maintenance and man-hour otherwise needed for on-site workers, especially for sensitive and critical applications.

These, six-week-delivered, monitoring and controlling routers have proven to be a very effective solution that is adaptable to changing requirements.

Key features

• Ultra-high cellular speeds of up to 3.3 Gbps
• Supports both architectures to leverage the 5G infrastructure
• Single-digit latency for mission-critical application
• Uninterrupted communication with auto-failover
• Dual-band data throughput for up to 150 clients simultaneously
• Backward compatible with 4G (LTE CAT 20) and 3G network technologies
• Wave-2 802.11ac Dual Band WIFI and Bluetooth LE
• Global Navigation Satellite System for location services and time synchronization

Success Stories