Key Features:

In the Oil & Gas sector, monitoring is a crucial matter that cannot be taken lightly. Dealing with such sensitive products requires a high grade of accuracy and precision nevertheless security, that’s why Sumed decided to monitor their tanks and buildings.

The Challenges

• Providing a communication solution to transmit the footage and video streaming between the tanks and buildings to the control room
• Achieving a Fiber redundant network
• Overcome the long distances between tanks and the control room
• Not affected by high temperature, and corrosion
• Achieving high throughput to handle high data rates
• Supporting Modbus to offer backward compatibility with SCADA

The Solution

After deep analysis, Xceltra decided to provide the customer with a combined solution consisting of a media converter with 2 ports of Ethernet and 2 ports fiber (single mode) and industrial Power supplies. This decision was made based on the following factors:

• Using Ethernet solutions was not an option due to long distances between tanks and the control room
• Since the cameras had Ethernet ports we used a mini industrial media converter with POE+ for each camera

After project deployment, the equipment hase proven to be highly reliable, withstanding rough environmental conditions and the communication link was stable with high speed.

Success Stories