Key Features:

The Challenges

• Providing a communication solution to transmit Analog I/O data between 21 locations in the Waste Water treatment plant and the control room.
• Overcome the lack of cabling challenge.
• Not affected by high temperature, poisonous gas, and corrosion.
• Achieving high throughput to handle high data rates.
• Supporting Modbus to offer backward compatibility with SCADA.

The Solution

After deep analysis, Xceltra decided to provide the customer with provide a combined solution consisting of an Analog input module supporting Modbus Protocol and a Wireless bridge solution to be installed for Saudi national water company (NWC). This decision was made based on the following factors:

  • Using the wired solutions wasn’t an option due to lack of cabling.
  • Since the distance between the sites was a maximum of 500 meters, we used Wifi bridge with high gain external antennas to overcome obstructions.

After project deployment, the equipment have proven to be highly reliable, withstanding rough environmental conditions and the communication link was stable with no delays.

Success Stories