Key Features:

With the increasing need for improved public safety, a police project in a surveillance and security application plays a critical role in enabling law enforcement agencies to prevent and respond to security incidents effectively. The system is often integrated with other law enforcement resources such as databases and communication systems, enabling police officers to access and share valuable information quickly. The project can be used for a variety of purposes such as detecting criminal activity, monitoring traffic and crowds, and responding to emergencies.

The Challenges

• Replacing the installed legacy system, which had no method of communication with any other devices
• The installed system used to collect data and store it in its built-in hardware to be downloaded later on manually, Leading to wasting a lot of time and resources
• Installing a solution that can handle future plans and the increase in data rate

The Solution

Decided to provide Abu Dhabi police department with a M2M remote connectivity solution, the thought process that preferred that solution to other solutions was:

• All the radars were not at a clear LOS of each other, eliminating the Radio wireless solutions
• Using wired solutions such as copper or fiber was an inefficient solution in terms of costs, as they were not pre-installed in the infrastructure

The offered solution consisted of LTE Gateways in addition to M2M Gateway. This solution suited the project because:

• Possibility to use dual SIM card, which offers network redundancy
• Support for LTE in 4G network and HSPA+ in 3G network
• Support for several encryption protocols for secure communication•
• Secure communication with VPN and firewall
• 3 port internal LAN switch
• Mobile operator independent static IP addressing with M2M Gateway
• Suitable for outdoor use with robust aluminum casing and a wide range of operating temperatures from –25 to +70 °C

Success Stories