Key Features:

The Modern Transportation system aims at not only increasing the safety of the citizen but also, optimize, coordinate and facilitate the use of the transport network, through making informed and smarter decisions. Consequently, it requires providing accurate information about each element in the system.

In order to do that, transportation system needs to establish a secure and reliable method of communication, to collect data in the field of road transport, vehicles, traffic management and infrastructure related to the transport system. This data will be processed later and will be used for decision making.

The Challenges

• Provide Network Connectivity for the Schools.
• Connect the existing AV Cameras and VMS systems to the Cloud.
• Integrate the existing Analog Surveillance system with IP based equipment e.g. PTZ Cameras and Wifi access points.
• Enable real time and immediate detection of incidents to take timely actions.
• Provide POE+ for the Cameras.

The Solution

After technical analysis, Xceltra provided a leading Oil &Gas Company in Saudi Arabia with an Industrial POE solution that could integrate the Analog Surveillance system, and the new Digital Security system on the same cloud network. The solution was comprised of a complete network of 4-8 port POE Switches, up linking every site to a distribution switch which is in turn aggregated on the Cloud network.

The solution provided was proved to be very reliable, due to the rugged nature of the switches, and the support of ERPS redundancy protocol for fast network recovery. Additionally, it minimized network delays thanks to high speed Gigabit uplinks. Moreover, it enabled the customer to monitor all systems on the same cloud, making it easy for the customer to immediately detect incidents and respond in a timely and efficient manner.

Hardware Features:

• 802.3af or 802.3at compliant PoE ports.
• Gigabit Combo ports.
• ERPS Ring (recovery time < 20ms @ 40 switches), STP/RSTP for network redundancy.
• Remote management over Web browser, Telnet console, serial console, and Windows Utility

Success Stories