Key Features:

The Monitoring and Controlling process has accesses to all the tasks and metrics necessary, in order to ensure certain processes are running with a minimum risk. Moreover, monitor and control process helps achieving the performance objectives, the desired tasks efficiently and time limit specified.

A Fire Fighting Control Panel is a key component of the Fire Alarm System. They are designed to collect data form the installed sensors, monitor their operation and provides a fully automated control of the equipment to prepare the associated facility in case of a fire.

The Challenges

Project Requirement
This project required Establishing multi-drop networks and redundant rings between firefighting panels. These panels were only equipped with a serial interface and were more than 1200 meters apart. Therefore, they couldn’t be connected directly to the control room using serial technologies due to the limitation of distance serial data could travel.

The Solution

After studying the project and the network environment Xceltra provided Saudi Aramco with a serial converter solution. The decision was taken based on the following factors:

The large distances between the panel makes using fiber to transmit data a very effective solution besides using the traditional wireless solutions.
Taking advantage of the preinstalled fiber cables using a serial to fiber converter solution was cost effective and more reliable than using wireless.

Success Stories