Key Features:

Industrial cities heavily rely on their control systems’ capability to visualize and manage critical processes, as well as the ability to monitor and control all field activities and applications in real-time, to maintain high standards for safety and security.

The Challenges

• Power up CCTV Cameras and Access points.
• Provide Network redundancy to prevent any network failures.
• Provide 10 Gigabit uplinks to the backbone.
• Enable real time and immediate detection of incidents to take timely actions.
• Provide a cost effective solution.

The Solution

The customer, a renowned Governmental Entity responsible for Industrial Cities in Saudi Arabia, required a fast, redundant Industrial solution for their CCTV network.  They requested an Industrial Switch with 12 POE+ ports, and 5 Gigabit Copper ports for every site, which was extremely difficult and not to mention very expensive. Therefore, after studying the customer requirements and site locations, Xceltra provided a combined Industrial POE solution that met the above requirements and was cost effective at the same time. A ring topology was adopted with the distribution switches for network redundancy. The distribution switches were equipped with 10 Gigabit Fiber optic uplinks to the control room to achieve high aggregate speed to the backbone.

The solution provided met the customer requirements for the CCTV network. It was Cost effective, Flexible and Scalable thanks to the modular nature of the switches. Additionally, it was reliable thanks to the rugged nature of the switches, and the support of ERPS redundancy protocol for fast network recovery.

Hardware Features:

• 802.3af or 802.3at compliant PoE ports.
• Gigabit Combo ports.
• ERPS Ring (recovery time < 20ms @ 40 switches), STP/RSTP for network redundancy.
• Remote management over Web browser, Telnet console, serial console, and Windows Utility.

Success Stories