Monitoring Gas stations – GASTEC/CAR GAS – Egypt

Key Features:

Monitoring and controlling Gas stations in Egypt is of utmost importance to ensure that appropriate standards and regulations are met. With a vast network of stations across the country, it can be challenging to track, review and regulate the progress and performance of each station. However, implementing an effective monitoring and controlling process can enable the collection and analysis of data from remote sites, enabling centralized management and control of critical information.

The Challenges

• Industrial 4G cellular router (with numerous Ethernet ports) to collect and transmit data to the control room.
• Ruggedized hardware to withstand harsh environments.
• Stability and high-speed connectivity
• Remote locations with poor network connection
• Limited delivery time
• Budget constraints

The Solution

Upon thorough examination, Xceltra was able to provide a VPN cellular connectivity solution to enable the remote monitoring and control of gas stations across the nation. The solution consisted of:

• Ruggedized 4G cellular routers with the largest number of Ethernet ports available in the market.
• Ruggedized external antennas that enable the solution to have stable and high-speed connectivity even in remote locations with a poor network connection.

The wireless 4G cellular routers provided by Xceltra, enable the client to remotely monitor on a daily basis different variables, including the fuel levels of Gas stations and individual pumps. The external antennas offer stable and high-speed connectivity even in remote locations with poor network connection. Furthermore, the Dual SIM feature of the routers can achieve network redundancy which increases the reliability of the solution. Moreover, the ruggedized nature of the devices and their wide operating temperature, allow the solution to withstand harsh environments.

Consequently, the client is able to monitor more efficiently fuel levels and consumption. They are able to predict shortages and initiate immediate actions. Thus, they can optimize the supply of fuel to different Gas stations. This data is highly advantageous to the client in analysing consumption patterns in different locations across the country, and ultimately planning for the construction of future gas stations.

Key features

• 4G (LTE) Cat 4 up to 150 Mbps
• 4 Ethernet ports
• Dual SIM for additional connection reliability
• IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Access Point (AP), Station (STA)
• Operating temperature ranging from -40°C to 75°C
• Web configured

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