Key Features:

Water is a vital source of life for not only humans but also for all forms of life on this planet. And despite the fact that 71% of the earth is water, only 2.5% of this water is fresh and suitable for human use. Thus creates growing demands on providing water through desalination and talking advantage of groundwater, besides the water treatment process.

To meet those demands, the construction of water stations is a must. And companies will need to utilize different technologies to preform efficiently and take advantage of every resource available.
The increase in number of water station creates a need to have remote accesses, to not only provide monitoring but also prevent any failure. And this is achieved through creating a secure and reliable communication method between the company and its remote field assets.

The Challenges

• The Remote operation of water stations while ensuring a secure and reliable transmission of data from the RTU to the control room.
• Reliable operation of the gateway under the high temperature of the Gulf cities and the high humidity found in water stations.
• Backward compatibility of the data sent from the RTU with the SCADA system.

The Solution


After site surveys the 3G gateway was provided by Xceltra for NWC as it suited and met the challenges facing the project through:

• Secure communication with VPN and firewall.
• Support for several encryption protocols for secure communication.
• Built in Modbus gateway eliminating the need of extra hardware to communicate with the SCADA.
• 3G Gateway utilizes the high speed 3G networks (HSPA+) with quad band frequency support.
• A wide Range of operating temperature form –25 to +70 °C.
• The ability to operate reliably in humidity from 5 to 85 % RH.

Success Stories