Key Features:

The sector of power and utilities is rapidly growing at an intense rate, driven by the continuous need for a variety of new power sources, to face resource scarcity and climate changes while satisfying the market needs. In order to keep up with these changes power stations will need to utilize technology to maintain a high growth rate and improve the service provided to the customer.

Power and utilities companies need to have a reliable network to interconnect different control units, RTU, AMR units distributed across high-voltage substations.

The Challenges

SEC required data communication for monitoring their Smart RMUs in the field through their control room. For a total of 5000 sites.

Each Smart RMU has to be provided with a communication device in order to provide remote monitoring and control capabilities via the ADMS system.

This communication device should have multiple Ethernet ports to allow connections for the Smart RMU, local maintenance and configuration.

The real challenge is to establish a secure connection that provides remote access for the RMUs, and monitoring and control for both Smart RMUs and the communication devices.

They also needed remote access to the Smart RMUs and communication devices GUI. With a central management software for monitoring and provisioning all routers, such as real-time alert system, firmware & backup updates, and device configuration.

The Solution

After studying the requirements of the system and the network layout, Xceltra provided SEC with a wireless VPN Solution

Products were chosen for the following specs:

For the 4G Router

WAN FAILOVER: Automatic switch to an available backup connection
WIFI: Wireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality
DUAL SIM: With auto failover, backup WAN and other switching scenarios
ETHERNET: 4x Ethernet interfaces with VLAN functionality
OpenVPN: Multiple clients and server can be running simultaneously, 12 encryption methods
Operating temperature: -40 °C to 75 °C

For the RMS

MANAGEMENT: Reach and control all devices even if they do not have Public IP
CONNECT: Access any smart devices via HTTP/HTTPS or SSH & configure them using WebUI or CLI as if you are in front of them
REMOTE DESKTOP: Control laptops, desktops, industrial computers and other devices running Windows or Linux via RDP or VNC – remotely
API: Transfer the functionality you want from RMS into your own IoT Platform
FOTA: With RMS you can ensure the availability and security of your devices with automated firmware updates over-the-air
ALERTS & REPORTS: Make informed operational decisions and stay up to date with your connected infrastructure solutions

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