Key Features:

The sector of power and utilities is rapidly growing at an intense rate, driven by the continuous need for a variety of new power sources, to face resource scarcity and climate changes while satisfying the market needs. In order to keep up with these changes power stations will need to utilize technology to maintain a high growth rate and improve the service provided to the customer.

The Power and utilities companies need to have remote access with their field assets such as substations, transformers, and energy meters either through a wired or a wireless network. Thus, done through utilizing different communication technologies and solutions to ensure security and reliability.

An HVAC system is very crucial in the designs of large industrial environments and office buildings, where maintaining safe environmental conditions in terms of temperature and humidity and fresh air is important.

The Challenges

Establishing redundant networking between HVAC control system units, these units provide data from PLC’s and other Ethernet devices and send them to a control room.

The offered solution should:

• Support different ring topologies
• Offer redundancy to ensure reliable operation in case of failure
• Offers flexibility to the system in terms of connectivity
• Support Modbus protocol to be compatible for usage with SCADA
• Has a wide operating temperature to operate reliably in industrial environment

The Solution

After studying the HVAC control system and the network layout, XCeltra provided SEC with an Ethernet solution.
Products were chosen for the following specs:

Fits the design as it support 7 10/100 Base TX and 3 RJ-45/SFP combo (10/100Base-TX, 100Base-FX), given one extra port that can be used for Redundancy.
• SFP ports support 100M Fiber, which enable expanding the distances for future expansions. In addition it supports Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) to monitor long distance fiber quality.
• Supports Modbus TCP/IP
• Operating temperature -25~70°C
• Supports Multiple Super Ring (recovery time <5ms), Rapid Dual Homing, Multiple Ring, and MSTP/RSTP
• Offers Advanced security feature supports IP Security, Port Security, DHCP Server, IP and MAC Binding, 802.1x network access control

Exceeds IEC 61850-3, IEEE1613 Power Substation Standard requirements
• Offers modular flexibility with 3 exchangeable modular slots for adding up to 24 10/100-TX or 18 100Base-FX
• 4 On-Board Gigabit RJ45/SFP combo ports
• Industrial Modbus TCP protocol eliminating the need for extra hardware
• Supports LLDP and the NMS software for auto topology visualization and efficient group management
• Wide range of operating temperature -40~85oC.


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