Key Features:

Water is a vital source of life for not only humans but also for all forms of life on this planet. And although 71% of the earth is water, only 2.5% of this water is fresh and suitable for human use. This creates growing demands on providing water through desalination and taking advantage of groundwater, besides the water treatment process.

To meet those demands, the construction of water stations is a must. And companies will need to utilize different technologies to perform efficiently and take advantage of every resource available.
Water wells are structures created in the ground using different methods such as digging, driving, and drilling to enable accessto the groundwater. and other equipment. Therefore a secure and reliable communication method is required between the pumps, equipment and water wells.

The Challenges

• Providing a communication solution between 69 water well which were 5 – 10 kms apart.
• A secure and reliable communication link.
• Not affected by high temperature and humidity.
• Achieving high throughput to handle high data rates.
• Supporting Modbus to offer backward compatibility with SCADA.

The Solution

After a number of detailed site surveys, Xceltra decided to provide the custoemr with the M2M remote Wireless solution to be installed for Saudi national water company (NWC). This decision was made based on the following factors:

• Using the wired solutions wasn’t an option, as it suffers from humidity and affected by water.
• Since the distance between the sites were 5-10 KMs we used UHF Radios with high transmission power

Success Stories